Vahid Beheshti – man on a selfless mission, 2024

Vahid Beheshti vor seinem Camp

Human Rights activist Vahid Beheshti has a long record publishing information and opinions on human rights violations by the regime in Iran and grave dangers posed by long term goals of ideologues behind the regime to humanity worldwide.

On May 6th, we spent four hours in front of the Foreign Office, King Charles Street and in front of 10, Downing Street, discussing threats posed by the regime to Western societies, wrong assessments by Western think tanks, advisors, scholars and politicians concerning the nature of the regime, values we might want to cherish and the current situation in Iran.

This first video in a series of interviews focuses on his evolving story, why he dedicates his life to the fight against a regime he describes as dark and evil to human dignity and human values.

Vahid Beheshti – Fighter against an evil regime

First part of our interview during heavy rain underneath a tent set up in front of the Foreign Office, King Charles Street, London-Westminster. Vahid Beheshti chronologically lists up his actions concerning Iran.

Vahid Beheshti about his achievements and fails

Affiliations and values

Mr Beheshti fights as a human rights activist to raise awareness for the dangers conveyed by the Islamist regime in Iran. He supports the fight of the people in Iran to end the experiment of the so-called Islamic Republic of Iran. Many claims and baseless accusations roam social media about his political role or affiliation. We offered him the possibility to state his own position towards a variety of accusations.

„I am not affiliated with any political party, with any political groups, and I am focussed on overthrowing the regime,“ he says.

Vahid Beheshti about his affiliations and believes

The law of war

Mr Beheshti describes why he thinks it is a time of war and not a time of negotiations, talks and hidden economical deals. What kind of war is it? Who is involved? Which values are involved?

Vahid Beheshti – The law of war.

We need to fight for the values we have here

In front of the office of Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, 10 Downing Street, London Westminster, Vahid Beheshti educates us about the difference of lifestyles and politics of the regime in Iran, that has a long term plan to implement these principles in the UK and Europe, too and western values that need to be defended and enhanced with fresh life.

World in turmoil

If the world is in turmoil because of long term plans and evil actions caused inspired and performed by the regime in Iran, as some say, how does Vahid Beheshti evaluate Western policymaking towards the regime?
Vahid Beheshti describes how the regime is weak on the one side, but they steadily move towards their clear goal to implement a world government according to their own despotic style. The goal of negotiating with Western leaders about any subject is always to buy time.

Freedom loving people versus regime

This interview is about the widespread rejection of the regime by the population, the rifts inside the ranks of the regime, and the benefits for Iran and the Western world after the regime has come to an end. „I can say with confidence that more than 95% of the population inside of Iran are radically against the regime“, says Vahid Beheshti.

Later, we focus on the existential threat the current regime in Iran poses to Western societies.

„My definition of Islam tells me, I have to accept you and love you for who you are.“

More than one year ago, we had our first interview while Vahid Beheshti was on a hunger strike. The German version of this interview is available here.

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