The Caravan of Love at the Quartier Latin

Caravan of Love in Paris – Saturday, 29th of October 2016 women and men from London played vibrating music of Iranian origin in Paris. The Caravan of Love created a vibrant atmosphere of energized quietness. – Four women and four men played on Daffs, Tombak, Tar and Tambour songs of love and hymns dedicated to the soul and the heart. The audience was more than surprised and touched by the simple tunes and energizing effects.

In an introductory speech the spiritual researcher and expert in Gnosticism, Mysticism and religious sciences, Dr. Seyed Mostafa Azmayesh, gave a little insight in the science of the rhythms and their effect on the human heart. He showed how mystics throughout the centuries applied the nourishing force of vibrations to strengthen their hearts to become spiritual knights (javânmardy).

The speech was held in French language and targeted men and women of all ages, different ethnic origins and world views. Azmayesh showed how culture can contribute to a society of individual development, tolerance and solidarity.

© Helmut N. Gabel,


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