Helmut N. Gabel  31.03.2010

More than nine months after the June presidential election, five members of the Council to Defend the Right to Education remain in prison; some of...

Helmut N. Gabel  29.03.2010

United Kingdom Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Human Rights Report

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Following the disputed June 12 presidential election and the massive protests it provoked, the government unleashed the most widespread crackdown in a...

Helmut N. Gabel  17.03.2010

U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor

Helmut N. Gabel  17.02.2010

This is what an Iranian website wrote:

“Dervishes have played a major role in the recent criminal acts and riots.

The Dervishes of the Nematollahi...

Sarkis Pogossian  27.12.2009

The Global War on Terrorism's Strangest of Bedfellows


Mr Saman founded the international movement “Iranians in Exile”. He would like to unite the different movements of exiled Iranians to be able to act...