The International Organisation to Preserve Human Rights in Iran (IOPHRI) is an independent initiative of European and American human rights activists. There is no financial support by any state-run, half-state-run or non-state-run institution. IOPHRI does not follow any political party.  

The members joined together to create this free working group out of universality and a consciousness of human rights as stated by the UN.  IOPHRI stands solely for peaceful means as defined by the Indian activist and wise Mahatma Gandhi and his objection and protest against human- and civil rights violations in Iran.

The aim is to support the civil society in Iran, which is using peaceful ways to employ their civil- and human rights.  IOPHRI does neither assist Iranian exile parties nor parties from Iran. The organisation is agreeing with the demands of the ‚Green Movement’, which accounts for free participation of citizens in forming its politics and society; especially the demand for a referendum in which Iranian citizens themselves can choose the system in which they want to live. Members of IOPHRI do not ensue any other goals related to Iran and do not raise a claim for any kind of benefits or amenities for themselves.

The commitment of both Western citizens and Iranians that had to flee Iran and live in the West, is rooted in the insight that the Iranian regime has turned out to be a  totalitarian dictatorship with ambitions in exporting their crude ideology. This endangers citizens in the whole world. The commitment of IOPHRI members is voluntary and all civil-social activities are carried by the members themselves.

The activities of IOPHRI comprise of publications, street- and web-actions. Background information in regard of Iran are put together and disposed to journalists, politicians and anyone interested. The media in Western countries receives background informations. Solidarity with the population of Iran that struggles for their freedom and human rights is being expressed. Simultaneously, the internal information coming from Iran, which is suppressed by the government is made available by IOPHRI through internet and satellite television into Iran.


Publication: The Nature of the current Iranian System