The illiterate crows - power struggle in Iran - Presidential elections in Iran will be held this year in May. Time for the increase in power struggle. Hardliners see chances rise for their cause as one of the more pragmatic figures of the regime in Iran surprisingly died in January 2017. There are some substantial rumors that former president Akbar Rafsanjani, who was a member of the Assembly of Experts and head of the Expediency Discernment Council was killed by the order of certain hardliners.

Javad Karimi Ghoddousi - Current president of Iran, Hassan Rohani, was supported by Rafsanjani and belongs to the more pragmatic and moderate faction inside of the political elite of Iran. He had promised to bring improvement to the dire economical situation and substantial changes into human rights issues in Iran. Although economical sanctions have been lifted and dozens of Western countries strongly try to strengthen their economical ties to Iran, little betterment is sensed by main parts of the society. Human rights is still a very critical and neglected subject in Iran. Below the line his presidency was not as successful as intended. One of his main adversaries who not only blocked some of the attempts to improve the situation of Iran by opening the country to the world but constantly attacked his government verbally, is a group of hardliners who are closely linked to each other. 

Roughly speaking there are two main political factions in constant fight for power in Iran. President Rohani, his Foreign Affairs minister Zarif, former president Khâtami, Hassan Khomeini, Nategh Nouri and many other figures belong to the rather moderately conservative faction, which is opposition to a faction which is best described as hardline, violence and hate mongering faction. Their concept clings to the continual revolution under their specific ideology with a Supreme Leader as the representative of God on earth to whom everybody else is compelled to be obedient. Their means to reach this goal is by force and compulsion, chaos and bloodshed. Some of the members of this group named Ammarioun are Mehdi Tâeb, Esmail Khowsari, Ruhollah Hosseinian, Hamid Rasaei, Mehdi Kouchekzadeh, Said Ghâssemi, Hassan Abbâssi, the Friday prayer Imam Alamol Hoda, and the head of the 8th Imam trust Ebrahim Raissi. The latter is regarded as one of the possible successors to Supreme Leader Khamenei. Part of the Ammarioun network are some MEP's. They belong to the faction of the Hezbollahis. There used to be 12 persons members of parliament of whom two are currently members of parliament: Hossein Naghavi Hossaini from Varâmin and Javad Karimi Ghodoussi from Mashad. 

Hossein Tâeb, head of the Intelligence Organization of Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution.

Esmail Khowsari

Hamid Rasaei

Mehdi Kouchekzadeh, ex-MEP

Alamo Hoda, Friday prayer Imam of Mashad

Saeed Ghâsemi, ideologue of Ammarioun

Hassan Abbiss, ideologue of Ammarioun

Ruhollah Hosseinian, involved in security services

Ebrahim Raissi could be the next Supreme Leader

Javad Karimi Ghodoussi, MEP from Mashhad, Khorasan

Akbar Rafsanjani was one of the central figures under attack from this group as he was powerful and influential and did not support their radical course of aggression, exclusion and hate. Rafsanjani has mostly ignored the attacks by the hardliner group but sometimes he alluded to his attackers as a cohort of crows. When Rohani succeeded Ahmadinejad in presidency he became a main target for the hardliners. He labelled his adversaries as illiterate as they were not formulating their concerns in a diplomatic manner but rather in very rude and harsh words.

The illiterate crows

The terms applied by Rafsanjani and Rohani express the nature of their aggressive attackers who joined the two terms in order to mock the adversaries and attributed them to a website where they continue to agitate and stifle hate. 

The "illiterate crows" are a network of mostly men behind the scenes following the violent line of the cleric-philosopher Mesbah Yazdi. They are rooted in the deep layers of the system and related to Khamenei. 

Some of these men currently are or were members of the parliament or either were members of one of the important political institutions or intelligent services of the so-called Islamic Republic of Iran. Others belong to Ammarioun, the network connected to the Pasdaran (Revolutionary Guards) focussing on Foreign Affairs. 

Javad Karimi Ghodoussi is a member of the Jebheyehé Pâydâry party of Mesbâh Yazdi. he boasts about good ties to the Supreme Leader. JP and Ammarioun are working hand in hand against adversaries inside and outside of the country, mostly people who don't agree with their ideology or are in the way of their plans. 
In the coming presidential elections in May 2017 they would like to push Rohani aside and install a similar figure like Ahmadinejad as the new president and gain more power again. 

Eshaghé Jahanghiri is a vice-president of Iran under Rohani who mentioned in one of his recent talks a meeting he had with Ali Khamenei. He went there to ask Khamenei to open the door for the former President Khatami, so that the moderate fraction can be in good contact with the Supreme Leader as Rafsanjani did before he lost his life. Khamenei claimed to be open to each group and not to favor any group. Shorty after this information was revealed a voice file of Karimi Ghodoussi was released where he reports about the view of Khamenei to Khatami. He strongly opposes Khatami and regards him as a traitor. Further more Ghodoussi can be heard claiming that the family Rafsanjani is having lots of internal fights and plans to leave Iran for Canada after their father died.

It is not obvious whether this is Khamenei's hidden opinion about Khatami and the Moderates in general or if Ghodoussi tries to push Khamenei to publicly take an official position by himself. 

For sure it shows that the political games, intrigues, machinations and schemes are being continued in Iran.

© Jonathan Lark, Edinburgh