News from the fight for power in Iran - Daughter of Sadegh Larijani arrested over accusations of cooperating with Israels intelligence service.


Sadeq Larijani, head of the Justice power in Iran - There were some days that rumor went someone possessed documents showing the daughter of Sadeq Larijani is related to Israeli intelligence. Finally, after these documents were presented to the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei on Sunday Vahid Haghanian the deputy executive from Khamenei's office went to Larijanis house to arrest his daughter and brought her to Evin.

This is another blow to Sadeq Larijani and the family clan of the Larijanis. A year ago the head of the justice power had been under a torrent of criticism for his  “63 personal bank accounts.” He is said to have systematically profited from his governmental position. A fact that enraged the Supreme Leader who refused to see him for a while.

Sadeq Larijani and his brothers are under fire from various sides. In January 2017 Larijani had a fight with president Rohani. Recently ex-president Ahmadinejad wrote an article arguing against the head of the Justice power. Ahmadinejad bears Larijani a grudge because one of his vice presidents, Hamid Baghaei, was arrested in June 2015 but his charges were not disclosed publicly and he has been arrested again since July 2017. He warned in that article that he was in possession of sensitive documents and he would release them when the appropriate time would come.

It is not clear wht these documents might contain just as it is not clear on which charges the daughter of Larijani has been arrested.

Jonathan Lark, IOPHR Berlin