Nekounam - Mojtaba Khamenei targets at him - Report on the situation of Ayatollah Nekounam - On 1st January 2015 the security officials of the Special Clergy Court and the Agents of the Revolutionary Guards' Intelligence Organization arrested Ayatollah Nekounam without any arrest warrant or documents. They entered the house of Ayatollah Nekounam by breaking the doors and windows of the house, and took all his personal belongings such as books, laptop, tablet and mobile phone. Ayatollah Nekounam was taken to an unknown location while he had his eyes covered. He was kept there for 60 days in the solitary confinement. Ayatollah Nekounam on 3rd March 2015 had a stroke due to physical and mental tortures inflicted upon him. Forensic analysis confirmed that Ayatollah Nekounam did in fact suffer from a stroke, and must be released immediately and unconditionally. According to various sources, Ayatollah Nekounam was given expired medication, and food with high salt and fat content in order to deteriorate his physical health.

After Ayatollah Moshtahedzadeh, the Attorney General of the special clergy court in the city of Qom, met with Ayatollah Nekounam for the first time, he said that the son of the Supreme Leader, Mojtaba Khamenei has ordered that Ayatollah Nekounam must be eliminated as he is a big threat and obstacle for the regime.

Since 3rd January 2015 until 2nd March 2015, Ayatollah Nekounam was under interrogation each day between 10-15 hours, with mental and physical tortures. Ayatollah Nekounam has been accused of many things, such as fighting against the government, immorality, insulting the supreme leader etc…

On 2nd January 2015, two of the closest students of Ayatollah Nekounam, along with their family members (wife, children…) were arrested tortured and interrogated for 10 days in order to force them to confess that Ayatollah Nekounam has sexual relationships with their wives. The students of Ayatollah Nekounam resisted against this accusation and injustice.

On 2nd July 2016, all of the books of Ayatollah Nekounam which were published with the official permission of the government, were collected from all the book stores and further publication of his books were banned.

Since 3rd March 2015, the date when Ayatollah Nekounam had a stroke until today, he has been prevented from emergency visits to his doctor on 29 different occasions. As a result, Ayatollah Nekounam has been suffering from high blood pressure, high blood sugar, impaired cardiac, kidney and thyroid function, partial paralysis of the left side of his body, impaired vision and pain in his eyes. It has been three weeks that Ayatollah Nekounam has been suffering from immense pain in his eyes, and has requested for an emergency visit to the doctors. Following this, the most recent attack and confrontation towards Ayatollah Nekounam was on 14th December 2016, when the officials raided his prison cell, damaged and threw away all his personal belongings including his clothes.