Khergheh Pashmineh - Yes to Gnosticism – No to Sufism - We publish these translations of articles written by a person affiliated to the Iranian Ministry of security and information in order to raise awareness in the West about the different steps of the campaign of the regime against religious minorities. - Defamatory articles against Sufism by a man who is affiliated with the Ministry of security and information, Saber Ghodsi in Kherghe Website.

The era of disappearance of Sufism

Sufism is disappearing very fast. Many sects of Sufism have already been perished and those which have remained are getting weaker everyday. The Sufis of Gonabadi who used to use the media and support of special political situations to spread and carry out their activities in some parts of the country, have been going through sever constitutional crisis and are about to disintegrate and vanish.

From the hue and cry of this sect in order to attract the support of the enemies of the Islamic Republic, one can realise the severity of this problem. The situation of this cult resembles an empty desert and its supporters outside the country resorting to the strayed Baha’i Cult for help, in order to get the support of the West.

The inner problem of the sect is soaring and daily the no of deserters are multiplying. Research indicates that in the passed decades the type of people who have been attracted to the cult are from not so well educated strata of the society and this have made some members, like the ousted speaker of the sect, Mustafa Azmayesh to misuse the situation. One of the mistakes the leaders of the cult have made to prevent the collapse of the cult is to become an enemy of the Islamic Regime and try to unit the dervishes on this base. Furthermore, research indicates that an increase in political activity within the cult had adverse effect on the outcome of the success and consequently, at this stage, the cult is in its worst fragile condition than it has ever been in the history.

Author: Saber Ghodsi

Demonstration of millions of Dervishes in Stockholm

No one like the ousted speaker of the Gonabadi sect, Mustafa Azmayesh can mobilize millions of Dervishes. It brings shiver into your body if you see, in the sites of the usurper Sufi (their Master) a call for gathering of demonstration. As if, jinni and human together have collaborated to help this Master of Nematollahi to distract the whole world. An example of that was a call for gathering of demonstration by Gonabadi Sufis of Stockholm. You would not believe the number of people demonstrated there!! Multitude of people in response to the order of Mr Azmayesh gathered, to a point that one would not be blamed to think that it was the resurrection day and the holy day of judgement.

Let’s see the picture of this crowd of 11 people.

Never mind the ages and the venerability of some members of the crowed!!  

Author: Saber Ghodsi

The end of hunger strike by Dervishes due to the disclosure by Mashregh News

Following disclosure of the news about carelessness of the two hunger strike criminal dervishes by Mashregh News and the concern of the political wing of the sect from escalation of this disgraceful news, Majzoban site of Gonabadi sect, immediately reported the end of the hunger strike of these Dervishes. Of course, this site, in order to repair the damaged reputation of the dervishes, called it a victory for the cult.

Let’s see the Mashregh News together:

“Ignoring the order of the Master of the Gonabadi Sect by the hunger strike dervishes”

According to Mashregh News, a while ago, following instigation by few members of anti Islamic revolution, specially the French spy Mustafa Azmayesh (the ousted speaker of Dervishes of Gonabadi in Europe) two criminal dervishes who were serving their sentences started hunger strike, and then after, all anti-revolutionaries such as Mujahidin Khalgh, Baha’is and Zionist stared their widespread propaganda against the Islamic revolution in their media. Eventually, the Master of the Sufis of Gonabadi sect, Mr Tabaneh sent a message to those two criminal Dervishes requesting an end to the hunger strike, but they ignored the order of their masters and instead, were further encouraged by Mustafa Azmayesh to continuo the hunger strike. It is worth mentioning that Mustafa Azmayesh, the French spy and his assistant Ahmed Shaheed’s immense activities in the past year toward motivating these dervishes of Gonabadi against the Islamic regime have created objections from many other Gonabadi dervishes and due to this increasing pressure, the Head of the sect in his New-Year message officially denounced Mustafa Azmayesh as the speaker of the Gonabadi and further added that “this sect does not have any speaker”.

Author: Saber Ghodsi