Kherghe - an example of the regimes defamation campaign against Sufi-Dervishes in Iran

A sharp analyses of the content of an Iranian Anti-Sufi weblog which is being run by Abdul Hossein Khsrow-panah who became the successor of Mr. Aavani as the head of the philosophical department of the centre for Islamic studies. Mr. Khosrow-panah is a part of Iran's shadow groups who apply their influence in cadre schools of the Pasdaran and Bassidschi organisations. He is part of Ammariyon, the organisation of the Lords of hate.

The repressive policy of the morally bankrupt Iranian administration on conscious  thinkers has reached to a point where a chain of anti-culture websites such as "Raja News", "JavanOnline" , "Jahan News" and "Pars News" have turned up with the mission  to launch explosive attacks on those who fight for freedom in the weblog "Khergheh Pashmineh”. 

Although the author of this weblog, which publishes falsehoods and innuendos, is identical to the anti-cultural author of "Raja News," his weblog still has its own signature. Its author hides behind various names, and when we take a detailed look, it’s author turns out to be none other than an illiterate clerical Basiji  student  called Abdul-Hussain Khosrow Panah who was the administrator of the "Khergheh" weblog from March 2010 to October 2011, and has put some effort to become head of the 'Research Association of Philosophy” and thus this weblog with its false messages has recently been inactive.  

But the shameful events in Kavar, amid the widespread international concern for the fascist regime in Iran, once again brought back "Abdul-HussainKhosrow Panah" to his weblog in order to blow the horn of “Khergheh” and create more  noise and dust, and try as usual (as in the cases of Boroujerd, Qom and Isfahan) to  maintain the course of anti-Sufism and anti-freedom movement.

Since October until today 29th of November, he has planted a few more items in his blog that have revealed the shallow minded intellectual fascist character of his personality. However, this type of behavior should be expected from these expert liars. The battle between light and darkness is as old as history. 

As soon as the weekly magazine "Majzobaneh Noor” was published, those involved in the fascist ruling regime in Iran opened the door for "Pashmineh Poshaneh Khergheh" in order to publish his weekly magazine "Zolmat" in the same style.

"Seekers of light" decided after Eid Ghadir to start the weekly publication of ”Majzobaneh Noor”(name means engrossed by light),  in direct opposition to the "owls and bats of the forces of darkness" and due to their nature of "being attracted by darkness" they called their weekly publication “Majzobaneh zolmat”( meaning engrossed by darkness)”.  Everyone in someway is indicative of his/her true nature.

On the other hand, “Ashab Khergheh" in a few of their articles have created a false story that showed their hostility towards Dr. Mustafa Azmayesh and in this article have called Dr. Azmayesh names that in reality are closer to the true nature of their evil masters than to Dr. Azmayesh who engages for liberty and freedom. The problem is not about a particular person if it was just about a person, then there would be no need to answer the false accusations. But it’s more to do with the systematic conflict between forces of light and darkness which is undeniable.

In the interlinked ghost filled-darkrooms behind the chain of websites and blogs, these people are planning their dark projects. They have clearly laid out their projects and aims. They have accused and charged Dr. Azmayesh with ridiculous accusations of being a "traitor and spy of the French government" and also claimed that he works hand in hand with the  administrator of "Majzobaneh Noor" website. Moreover the  website stated that he also works  hand in hand with  Dr. Shahram Pazouki and the cult of [Gonabadi Sufis] who have become the foot soldiers of  Britain, France and the US, and even accused him of creating a cult brand named Mustafa Azmayesh cult. The website holds that Dr. Azmayesh is  the official agent of the French foreign intelligence service who launches the sharpest attacks against the Iranian regime and the revolution. It also asks the pro-regime forces to ignite the movement of "revolutionary forces" [the Fascists Basijs] to overthrow the political establishment of the “Azmayesh cult”. Even though the author must be aware that his accusations are a lie, and the charges are 100%  false and unfounded, his intention is just like the intention of a scorpion.

A scorpions sting, is not due to revenge. It is due to its nature.

On the other hand within the solitary confinement section of notorious Evin prison the authorities apply torture and impose tough mental and physical torture in order to breakdown the resistance of prisoners detained and force to them to confess against themselves and against The path of Sufism . The "Evil Khergheh Weblog" without any shamelessly hesitation announced that in the next issues the records and activities of those working at Majzobaneh Noor site would be revealed and names of the disbanded group, would be mentioned:-The history of "Nur Ali" [Dr Tabandeh], the current cult leader, and the long-time member of the band, "Hamid Moradi," [Mr. Hamid Reza Moradi Sarvestani is the news director of Majzobaneh Noor] and their backgrounds  and membership in terrorist groups  … would be discussed.

The administrators of Khergheh who demonize and plot acts of terror, in another section of their recent articles claim that. 

"Dr Shahram Pazouki Gonabadi is part of the Sufi sect and has been an activist for the cult for years and works in spreading the sect.  One of the aims of this Sufi (Dr. Pazouki) is to influence the scientific community, universities and even important governmental organizations. Years prior to his suspicious activity, in this blog I warned about his activities but nobody listened. But, recently by publishing Mostafa Azmayesh’s letter (who is a French spy and Nur Ali’s outside of Iran representative) to Ahmed Shaheed, the representative of so called Human Rights, it became clear that the information from important centers and state universities were sent via Dr. Pazouki to Dr. Azmayesh who lives outside the country. For example, part of the letter of Mr. Mostafa Azmayesh,(who is a traitor to the country) is as follows:-

Moreover, by  the reorganizing of research centers, "Religious Studies" in Qom, and the ”Association of Philosophy" in Tehran through expelling of the renowned professors from the center and the appointment of illiterate young clerics such as Abdul-Hussain Khosrow Panah to this centre has turned the centre into a brainwashing establishment and center for masses of ignorant and fanatical Basijis.

[Dr.Azmayesh] writes elsewhere: "Three weeks ago, Mr. Saleh Pazouki was  arrested and detained during his military service and his family were placed under severe pressure. His father Dr. Shahram Pazouki is a renowned professor of philosophy and mysticism on an international level.”

From the point of view of these anti-cultural fascists, the crimes of Dr. Azmayesh consist of activities in support of Human Rights and the freedom of people, and being present in International Organisational meetings and being in touch with Dr. Ahmed Shaheed, the special rapporteur on the Human Rights situation in Iran for the United Nation. Yes, the fact that the companions of the cult "Khergheh Pashmineh" are afraid of giving the true news on the state of the oppressive ruling fascist regime of the judicial system in Iran. They instead want to lie, and portray black as white and white as black. When you attempt to break the thick walls of censorship and repression and oppression in the field of disinformation and reveal the systematic lying of the intelligence officials who are dominant within the judicial system and inform the true facts to reporters of the UN, Amnesty International, Human Rights organizations and their unions, these fascists groups in Iran cry foul and raise their voices to the sky. These Fascists and atheists claim that nobody should interfere with their work. They would like to continue their bloody repression without opposition. Basij groups are being sent to sort out poor Kavar Sufis and with their bullets kill and martyr them, and their barbaric action should not be reported anywhere. These fascists have declared war on humanity.

But they must get the message that no matter how much they threaten and distribute lies, against the defenders of human life and values, as long as they are alive, these selfless defenders of freedom will not leave the field.

These ignorant people do not know the words of the famous Sufi poet Saadi who said:

This world does not have enough to be jealous of
or be sorrowful in vain for having or not having
This is a place that will certainly fracture
luckily there are those who think of other place.
Everyday when the wolf takes a sheep
The other sheep are staring at him.

What do these oppressors understand from these excellent words? They are engaged in the embezzlement, pillage, plunder, and oppression. Whenever a song of freedom is sung and wherever the torch of human knowledge is lit, these bats are going to try to put it out. They are ignorant of the following:

If God turns on a light and if you try blowing it out, the light is going to burn your beard instead.

The exact content and nature of the "Khergheh" weblog is reflected here. For the record, it is useful to set record straight for the followers of religious and conscious thinkers who are monitoring the suppression of religious minorities in Iran, and for the reporters of international human rights organizations like Dr. Ahmed Shaheed.