Iran's regime loses credibility around the world

Iran's regime has many friends in Europe. But they start rethinking their understanding of Iran's system and its dangers for the world. Conferences are held throughout Europe to highlight ways of bringing about change into a fascist system. The propaganda of Iran's regime loses credibility.

Lambertz, Nirumand, Catanzaro

In Tutzing close to Munich, Germany, the Academy for Political Education organised a conference about Iran from 15.-18. Mai.

 Ulrich Tilgner

 Mohammed Keiarishi

 Christoph Sydow

PD Dr. Reza Hajatpour


Democracy for Iran

Several members of a dissident group of Iranians in Cologne, Germany participated at a seminary on democracy together with the Stiftung für die Freiheit.

 Dome in Cologne

Amnesty International works in favour of human rights for 50 years