Confronting dangers for human civilisation - Brussels, 2. May 2017 - Conference on "Antidotes to Islamist Extremism" - Brussels, 2. May 2017 - The European Human Rights Organisation IOPHR held another important event inside the European Parliament. This event was hosted by Geofrey van Orden, British MEP, sponsored by ECR and supported by MEP's from EPP, S&D and ALDE.

We have compiled a series of interviews after and catches of some of the speeches during the event, which will be linked at the end of this article.

First some MEP's, members of the civil society and staff from Human Rights Organisations and various Governmental Organisations witnessed speeches delivered by EU Counter Terrorism Coordinator Gilles de Kerchove, former Scotland Yard Chief Superintendent Gerry Campbell, Jacopo Bellasio from Rand Corporation, Roberta Bonazzi from the European Democracy foundation, Dublin based violence researcher Dr Stephanie Dornschneider and Paris based Quran expert and religious researcher Dr Mostafa Azmayesh.

Having displayed a broad variety of approaches towards the definition of the current societal crisis related to Islamist violence and proposing some approaches to tackle these problems, the audience brought in some relevant questions and shared their views.

One of the main lines of thought during the event was to consider the naming of the source of the problem.

It became clear that in fact quranic teachings and principles are a forerunner of modern human rights in the frame of Islam. These already were opposed by certain protagonists during the life time of Mohammed. They became distorted by invention of clerics and power brokers, who replaced the deep studies of the book by the principle of Imamat, a religious authority that leads the prayer and finally delivers preachings, which obviously were rather political speeches than related to spiritual practice and a means of influencing the believers.

This problem prevailed until nowadays, when preachers fro  various countries and denominations use the Friday Praying for political agitation allover Europe, while not basing their speeches on principles of the Quran but on their own inventions.

All in all the strongest proposals to counter terrorism and to stop young people from falling into the traps of ideologues in the name of Islam were related to education and funding of various educational programms on different levels. Besides increased coordination between a variety of governmental and civil institutions was admonished and policy makers were reminded that some of the laws abiding still leave too much ground for funding and displaying hate speech and diverse traditions and customs that don't correspond with Human Rights.

Jonathan Lark, Edinburgh