Are Human Rights & Islam compatible? - Lecture at the UK Parliament, London, Tuesday 6th December 2016 by Dr. Seyed M. Azmayesh, comparative religious scientist living in Paris. "Islam is a process of the healing of the heart."

Dr. Azmayesh during the lecture - Nowadays we are witness of a huge immigration of Muslim people into European territories.  Now the most urgent necessity is how to integrate these newcomers into the western societies. The cultural integration and mindset are certainly more important than just their civil integration into the society. It means for them to learn what is the meaning of a civil society, based on respect for human rights and rights of citizenship, democracy and secularism. To teach them what is the deep meaning of social contracts, between citizens who have the free will, and who are equal to each other, regardless their opinions, their religions, their faith, their world vision, their gender, their culture, their race, their origins, their language, the color of their skin, and whatever else diversity and difference. It is because the majority of this migrant mass are not familiar with all of these values, because not only they never studied the constitutional laws of the modern societies, but they never studied the teachings of their own holy book - the Quran. They never discovered the importance of each human individual, each person in the world vision of the Quran, and the place of everybody in the universe as the representative of the Creator of the universe according to the teachings of the Quran. According to the Quran everybody is a representative of God, it is the authentic principle of Khalifatollah.

In fact, the Quran talks about the equality of the children of Adam and Eve as the member of one family. It is written in the Quran: "O you people," including men and women, "we created all of you from one man and one woman and spread you in different nations and population to know each-other. The most pious one among you" – in Gods evaluation- "is the closer one to Allah." We posed the crown of our Karamat and majesty upon the head of all of the children of Adam.

Everybody from the conception of his/ her fetus in the womb of his/her mother is one of the children of Adam-Eve (Bani Âdam) with equal rights with others, regardless his/ her religion, faith, opinion, race, gender, land …

Unfortunately, the majority of the migrant people are not familiar with these principles explained by the Quran. It is said to them by their preachers that their religion is the best religion and They are the best creatures in the world. "You are not equal with other people. You are superior, and should not listen to anybody else than your own Imams. Other people are not allowed to teach you and to explain you the social laws." A considerable number of the migrant people believe to the religious apartheid in benefit of the Muslim people. They don’t know that the goal of the Prophets is not to create a religious state, but a virtuous society based on the social contract, based on the free will of everybody, based on equality of the citizens. They need to discover the real face of Islam in the frame of the teachings of the Quran. They need to learn the Quran and to study an exact commentary and interpretation of the Quran done under the light of the soul of the revelation of the verses of the Quran, and not by referring to the revayat and akhbar mainly fabricated by the clergy during centuries and attributed to Prophet Mohammad, which are often in contrary to the teachings of the Quran. The Muslims need to discover the real civil- penal law of Islam, and to purify the codes of the civil and penal laws from a quantity of the superstitions routed in the old tribal traditions pre-existing the apparition of Islam. The laws such as stoning /Rajm/ contradict absolutely the verses of the Quran. To kill an accused person to adultery by the hands of other people who throw at him/ her stones until his/her death. The no-respect for the gender equality does not have any place in the Quran. But in the usual Shariat law - very patriarchal law - the principle of the gender equality is not at all respected. The forced circumcision of the girls, imposed veal, beating wives and women, are different parts of the Sharia law, completely foreigner with the soul of the revelation of the verses of the Quran.

The teachings of the Quran regarding the values and the rights of al-Ensan/ human being including man/rajol and woman/nisa/ are perfectly compatible with the charter of the human rights and the rights of the citizenship in the modern societies.

The most important principle in the teaching of the Quran is the principle of abrogation which keeps the society on the road of evolution toward future, toward perfection. The principle of abrogation leads human society on the way of evolution toward modernity and humanity. The principle of abrogation is the dynamism of the Quran. Quran is a dynamic book which preserves the life of the society as an alive and evolving being.

The Migratory people need to discover the difference between two versions of Islam: Islam ol Madany or civilized Islam based on the soul of revelation of the verses of the Quran, and Islam ol Badavi or the Islam of the Bedouins who converted verbally to the appeal of prophet Mohammad, but they remained attached to their own tribal traditions.

According to the teachings of the Quran Islam is a process of healing of the heart from Soghm (disease) to Selm (health) and a path of the substantial evolution to Dar os salam – the summit of perfection, land of peace or heaven. In the Surat al-Ensan –  the conclusion of the teachings of the Quran - the virtuous such as tolerance, altruism, humanism, humbleness, are stressed. Salam is one the names of Allah meaning peace, health, and quietness.

The Muslim people need to discover why Prophet Mohammad and his companion were praying Allah during the whole period of staying in Mecca before migration to Medina, and in Medina for some years, toward Jerusalem, and not toward the cubic house of Ka’ba in Mecca. The model of a virtuous civilization was founded by the prophets such as David and Salomon in Jerusalem for the first time, and prophet Mohammad changed the name of the city of Yathrib to al-Medina to recreate a new example of society based on the social contracts in which different communities/ Christian, Jewish, Mandean, no believers, and Muslim were living together in peace and selm (health).

The citizens and the inhabitants of a virtuous civilization address each other with "Salam" - regardless their faith and gender.

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