Glossy IRAN. helps to navigate and explore Iran through the lives of Iranian youth

Shahrzad News/2010-04-17 - IRAN. is the first glossy magazine in 30 years. The low budget IRAN. hosts stories and insights about nowadays Iran. This unique bilingual (Farsi & English) publication unfolds Iran for those who are interested in knowing more about the country. IRAN. is especially devoted to Iranian youth who might hold a glossy magazine for the first time in their lives.

IRAN. is a low-budget bilingual glossy that publishes stories about Iran by offering the same article for two different target groups: both Farsi and English readers Meeting the level of knowledge and expectations of both Farsi and English readers is the challenging part.

Yet, glossy IRAN.  is a addition to Shahrzad News, an  online news service that  provides news about and/or from Iran as well as issues relevant to Iranian women since 2006. Armed by a team of more than 40 journalists, filmmakers, researchers in Iran and 11 other countries, this fearless team (dis)covers news, makes films and runs surveys in different cities of Iran to take the pulse of the people's Iran. Providing news and measuring views helps us to help others who seek reliable data about the real explore Iran.

Why Glossy IRAN.? Interest in Iran grows daily. Not only journalists, politicians, lobbyists, academics, and business (wo)men but also  millions of non-Iranians who are connected with Iranians either as colleague, friend, classmate, neighbour, family or as a partner, husband or wife.  

Yet, sufficient and in-depth information about Iran is lacking in the world media. Public opinion might get swayed by information about every single word or movement that authorities but their knowledge about daily life in Iran remains poor. There is little known about how millions Iranians under 30 years live, work, think, behave, entertain, marry, protest, act or react inside their country.  Without these essential data, navigation fails to indicate the true social, economical and political direction of Iran.

It's hard to imagine what politicians, analysts and journalists in democratic countries would do if there were not any regular surveys that updated them about changes in the minor social political preferences of their country's citizens. How would they (re)schedule their agenda?

To navigate Iran, data is needed. Glossy IRAN. offers data. It illustrates not only the daily life of Iran but also fulfils a very simple wish of an Iranian teenager who might hold a glossy in her/his hand for the first time in their life. IRAN. is the first Iranian glossy in 30 years. Not only Iranians, but also the stories of non-Iranians who, though their personal religious or personal links, share their insights on Iran.

It took us three months to make this magazine. It was an action of passion, a need, a task beyond our daily task to deliver news about Iran. This collective creation is dedicated to Iranian youth, specially our brave colleagues who contributed to this magazine but preferred to not mention their names.

Joshua Prager, the American Wall Street Journal writer, shares his story in this magazine about his search to find the unanimous Iranian photographer who took the winning photo of Pulitzer Prize. It took him 5 years. Ironically, in the same issue you will view the photos of another unanimous Iranian photographer. Who knows? Some time someone may wonder who took the cover photo for the first glossy edition of IRAN.  

Mina Saadadi
Managing Editor of Shahrzad News & Editor-in-chief of Glossy IRAN.

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