London celebrates Dervish Day in commemoration of all who are being persecuted in the Middle East - The International Cultural Centre based in London invited international audience into Notting Hill's St Johns Wood church to witness Iranian Sufi music inspired by the famous poet and mystic Mowlana Rumi. The Caravan of Love, the Heart Ensemble and Ensemble Louly played a variety of sounds and poetic rhythms along with the well-known Daf artist Mohammad Jaberi. - In February 2009 a group of around 80.000 Dervishes (Nematollah Gonabadi Sufi Order) marched in front of the Parliament in Teheran to protest the destruction of their centers all around the country. The group was dispersed and many Dervishes were arrested. No official media in Iran or abroad ever dared to publish this huge solidarity action and the case went by unnoticed by the large public. Soon afterwards the green movement started and hit to the streets before the movement was stopped by brutal forces of the regime soon after the rigged presidential elections in Iran. Each year this march of the courageous dervishes is being commemorated in different cities of Europe. Since 2014 the Dervish Day has been commemorated by the ICC in London. The message of Rumi's poetries is love and thus is the creed of Dervishes as well: tolerance, peace and love. 

The audience experienced vibrating music and poetry performed by Ensemble Louly, Heart Ensemble and the Caravan of Love before Mohammad Jaberi and the Heart Ensemble performed virtuosic music with their frame drums called Daf.