Keep an eye on them - While the regime in Iran desperately struggles for its survival, some politicians in Europe still hope that by supporting the friendly faces inside the regime the destructive ideology might be let down and the perspective for promising deals might open for Europe. To bring about change in countries by economical investment and parallel little steps towards democracy might have worked with some dictatorial states but the responsible ideologues of Iran have proven again and again that their manoeuvres keep on following one goal: to expand and export their so-called "Islamic Revolution" which proves to an anti-Islamic character.


Many faces of Sharar Konoor Tabrizi - There are many current examples where the pursuit of the revolutionary goals can be traced. Again and again agents of the regime easily travel to different places of Europe in order to accomplish their hidden tasks. 

But in fact these tasks are obvious - they only seem to be hidden for European agencies who don't take these activities serious enough, even though they observe them closely.

By publishing this information, we send a warning to both the agents that their activities are being monitored firmly and the agencies to not refrain from keeping a close eye to the known agents. Here we will name two of them, as well as an information for groups who might be contacted by these agents for terrorist intentions.

Sharar Konour Tabrizi, is a known IRGC terrorist agent who has left Iran seeking asylum in Nicosia, Cyprus. His defined mission is to infiltrate and create new terrorist cells within religious minorities of Europe in order to be used as leverage for threatening and blackmailing the European authorities into collaboration with the regime in Iran.

Hossein Taeb, head of the IRGC agents. Sharar Konour Tabrizi is one of his instruments.

Sharar Konour Tabrizi is utilizing an already existing network of IRGC terrorist agents spread throughout Europe that is actively collaborating for realizing this dreadful mission.

Sharar Konour Tabrizi is working closely with other IRGC terrorist such as Ali (Nima) Saidi who is active in Denmark.

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