Agent of the empire – Sharar Konour Tabrizi – Document displaying some activities of an infiltrated IRGC agent in Cyprus. – This document is a collection of short examples of social media activities of Mr Sharar Konour Tabrizi, currently living in Nicosia, Cyprus and his associates spread out in Europe and their collaboration with Intelligence Organization of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corpsof Iran and Hossein Taeb as its chairman. And although they all introduce themselves as human rights activists opposing IRGC, they act in alliance with it.

These examples consist of verbal attacks towards people and organizations dedicated to human rights in Iran.

Name:  Sharar Konour Tabrizi
Residence: Nicosia, Cyprus
Place of birth: Semnan, Iran
Date of Birth: 1985-09-22 (not verified)

Social Media Accounts
Instagram: sharar_konoor_tabrizi ||| konourtabrizi
Facebook: sharar.konourtabrizi
Telegram: @sharar121 

Evidence 1:
One of the Telegram channels of the Intelligence Organization of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in the minority religion section and specifically focused on Gonabadi Sufis is

This channel is posting hateful content against Gonabadi Sufis on a daily basis. Here we will represent one example of it posts. On 14th of December 2017 this channel posted an audio recording of Mehdi Taeb who is the head of a section within the Intelligence Organization of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps by the name „Headquarters of Ammar“ who is the main section responsible for Cyberwarfare within Intelligence Organization of IRGC. Mehdi Taeb is also the brother of Hossein Taeb mentioned above.

In this audio recording, Mehdi Taeb says: Sufis are the instrument of Media for Mossad and Amadnews belongs also to them. They are assigned to create crises whenever Mossad encounters discomfort. Sufis are backed up from that source. 


However, this anti Sufi channel by the name „SofiyeNews“ is constantly promoting the publications and posts of Mr. Sharar Konour Tabrizi and introduces him by the names such as: „one of the great Sufis“, „a truth seeking Sufi“ and officially promotes him and his points of view as the best ones to follow for Gonabadi Sufis if they want to live in peace.

Examples of SofiyeNews channel promoting Sharar Konour Tabrizi are too many to bring up in this document but here we will provide a couple of examples:

Evidence 2:
In May 26th of 2018, when the famous human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh during an interview with Dorr TV, criticized the unjust suppression of the Gonabadi Sufis in Iran and the house arrest of Dr. Nor Ali Tabandeh and the conspiracy layd out to create a regime friendly leader for this religious minority by falsifying the letters of Dr. Tabandeh, Mr. Sharar Konour Tabrizi raised his voice and attacked Nasrin Sotoudeh on 2 occasions. Important to note that Nasrin Sotoudeh was arrested by the IRGC in June 2018 charged with espionage, dissemination of propaganda and disparaging the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei.

First open letter of Sharar Konour Tabrizi criticizing Nasrin Sotoudeh for speaking openly against the unjust suppression of Gonabadi Sufis and its leader Dr. Noor Ali Tabandeh:

First open letter:

second open letter:

Evidence 3:

Mrs Zeynab Taheri, the outspoken lawyer of the Gonabadi Sufi Mr Mohammad Salas protested the execution sentence and later the unjust execution of her client. Although Mr Sharar Konour Tabrizi introduces himself as a Gonabadi Sufi and a human rights advocate he condemned Zeynab Taheri for speaking out in an open letter. Zeynab Taheri has been arrested twice shortly after this open letter and is still in prison without any charges.

Evidence 4:

Mr. Sharar Konour Tabrizi is constantly verbally attacking anyone who has defended the rights of the Gonabadi Sufis during the past years on social media and especially and specifically „International Organisation to Preserve Human Rights (IOPHR)“ and its founder Dr. Seyed Azmayesh and his family and other associates of this NGO such as human rights activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Shirin Ebadi. In this case, the evidence is more than reasonable to document here because in particular this seems to be the head assignment Sharar Knour Tabrizi. We will, however, present a few.

Evidence 5:

The channel Rasuyab, who specializes in identifying and introducing the co-workers and collaborators of the IRGC published short videos recorded with hidden cameras on the night where the Gonabadi Sufis were violently beaten and imprisoned. Following those videos, Rasuyab set out to identify the IRGC agents involved in the recent suppression of the Gonabadi Sufis.

The recording showed the attack of IRGC agents with swords and sticks along with obscene language giving out orders to kill and injure the Gonabadi Sufis.

Following these videos, the Rasuyab channel disclosed the identity of several IRGC agents involved in the recent attacks on Gonabadi Sufis were Sharar Konour Tabrizi was one of the disclosed agents.

Here are some of the IRGC agents disclosed among others Mr. Sharar Konour Tabrizi:


Intelligence Organization of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran with Hossein Taeb as its chairman and specifically the branch of Quds Force has since long been infiltrating communities internationally. These agents are often known to the Iranian communities however there are no clear channels to give the information of IRGC agents activities abroad to the local European and/or United States authorities. However, we have tried to present some of the activities of Sharar Konour Tabrizi that are representative of his total activities on cyberspace that we are aware of, he also has close connection and collaboration with other known IRGC agents in Europe such as, Peyman Aref in Brussels and Germany, Ali (Nima) Saidi in Denmark, Alireza Behnam in Denmark, Omid Dana, Sweden. Evidence of these collaborations and also independent information about the mentioned agent’s activities can be presented upon request.

We would like to thank you on behalf of the Iranian people all over the world and also on behalf of all the peace-loving people living around the world.

Best Regards, a group of Iranian migrated communities living in Europe

© 2019


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