mehriran.de/en - Daughter of Sadegh Larijani arrested over accusations of cooperating with Israels intelligence service.



mehriran.de/en - Press Release of the International Organisation to Preserve Human Rights



mehriran.de/en - Contribution to the session of the UN-Human Rights Commission in Geneva about women rights in Iran.

Jonathan Lark  14.05.2017

mehriran.de - Brussels, 2. May 2017 - Conference on "Antidotes to Islamist Extremism"


Jonathan Lark  14.05.2017

Brussels, 3. May 2017 - Conference on "Are women's rights in Islam compatible with modern society"


Jonathan Lark, Edinburgh  18.03.2017

mehriran.de/en - Faezeh Rafsanjani has been condemned to 6 month in prison for interviews with Dorr TV, an Europe based Internet TV.

Jonathan Lark, Edinburgh  01.03.2017

mehriran.de/en - Presidential elections in Iran will be held this year in May. Time for the increase in power struggle. Hardliners see chances rise...